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“ I have order manafactor from Tecomen Group some RO water purifier products. Feeling very satisfied with the quality of the order as committed, the progress time is also guaranteed so I feel comfortable working with Tecomen Group . Tecomen Group is very reputable and believes that OEMs do not sell our samples without our consent. This made me very impressed by the Vietnamese partner than the Chinese counterparts I used to work with. John Customer at a water purifier company in the US market ”
“ Previously, I used to work with Chinese partners, they reduced the quality of this component, the time they reduced the product attached ... so I had to work very focused, thoroughly in terms contract to not be disadvantaged with Chinese partners. In one time I was introduced to work with Tecomen Group. I have found it very reassuring and comfortable with very prestigious Tecomen and understanding customers. The view of working together for a long time, I really want to cooperate with you for a long time and I hope Tecomen Group is developing more and more new products. Yumi customers at the air purifier company in the Japanese market ”
Mrs Anand in UAE
“ With me, the most important thing in B2B business is to understand, share and go a long-term. I have been cooperating with Tecomen Group for 8 years. Tecomen Group has helped me a lot about how Marketing grown up in the market since the beginning of this business, I have a famous water filter brand in my country now. I am very grateful to the Tecomen friends who have been attached and accompanied with me very closely since the difficult early days to now. Customer: Mr Anand in UAE ”
“ In Europe when the water can be drinking directly but still some many customers who are care for health and they buy water purifiers to make sure water output. However, they require very high style, design luxury and quality. We are very pleased when Tecomen can meet the needs of EU market on the design of the design by R&D department of Tecnology and OEM processing products for us very quality and competitive price, so the business of We develop well in EU. I am very pleased and will cooperate with Tecomen Group for a long time. Customer: David is a famous water purifier brand in the European market ”
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